Iowa Farmland Listings

  • Seller will have more time to attract the right buyer fit for the property
  • The buyer offers the seller an offer and set of terms and conditions
  • Everything is negotiable
  • Prices are set at the listing time, buyers often offer less
  • Drip marketing exposes the farm to the market more slowly
  • The date of sale will be unknown, but priced correctly should sell in 30-90 days
  • Buyer and seller can negotiate what will bind the buyer to the contract
  • Sales are not date specific until a contract is accepted
  • Often requires multiple showings by the agent.
  • Usually best for marginal and recreational type properties

Iowa Farmland Auctions

  • The seller offers the farm to buyers under a set of terms and conditions
  • The only thing negotiated at the auction is price
  • The price has no artificial cap like a listing
  • Marketing for a land auction is aggressive and saturated
  • The date of sale is chosen by the seller
  • All bids are cash bids with no contingencies
  • Sellers may reserve farmland to ensure they do not experience a financial disaster
  • Closing are secured with non refundable deposits taken at the auction
  • Auctions require buyers to act by a specific date
  • Auctions work on all properties but best on medium and high quality tillable farmland
  • Auctions are incredibly flexible and can be conducted as a live auction, an online auction, a combination auction, a sealed bid auction among some of the most popular methods of selling a farm at auction.

Off Market Listings

  • Some sellers do not want to expose their farmland to the market openly
  • Divorce and Debt situations are most associated with off market listings
  • No advertising is done, it is not placed on the website.
  • We will quietly make contact with known buyers and investors of farmland

Considering selling a farm?  Let Jason show you the options and how you can achieve the most amount of money in the shortest period of time.